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Friday, September 4, 2015


So this happened.
Hen and chick.

One of our hens hatched out exactly one chick after setting a nest in the goat hay feeder. As soon as she got off the rest of the eggs I rushed her and the little one into the garage and into a cage. Life can be very precarious for a lone chick or duckling.

We find that the singletons turn out a little weird. They never really mesh with the rest of the group and tend to be outliers.... which makes it easy for us to get attached to them. They tend towards humans a little more...and less towards chickens. 

These singletons don't always make it thru the terrors of the barnyard. But so far so good with this little guy. I'm keeping my distance because I'm pretty sure he's a rooster and he will be destined for noodles. But for now they are pretty funny to see them running around the yard.

This is another singleton ...she totally turned into a weirdo. 

Our Peep. You can read her story here. She was actually being cute the other day.

We mercifully got a little rain last nite. After nothing but mud and floods of rain we've turned into all dry all the time. I'm trying to take advantage of a little moisture out there.

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It BROKE! But I got a new one....

Of all the products that I talk about my very very very favorite one is milk frother. Seriously. It's my favorite thing ever and I use it every single day. .

The other day it broke. No. I did not break it.

It had been making funny noises for a couple days and then finally... sadly... it just wouldn't froth.

So I got a new one! Yeah, baby!

How easy peasy is this - I ordered it from Amazon and it was there two days later. I should note it was two looooooooooooong days because I did not have a fluffy cappuccino for those two days.... but I endured. How could I get it in only two days? With my Amazon Prime that's how!

What's so great about a milk frother? EVERYTHING! You can make light and fluffy foam for your coffee drinks or hot chocolates without having to steam anything. You can make small amounts of whipped cream without dragging out a mixer. And it's so easy to use. Just put the business end of the frother in the milk (or cream) and give it a quick whip. You can even do it one handed.

I got the red one on purpose because at the time it was the cheapest one. While I might have paid an extra dollar for my color of choice let's all just agree I'm just that cheap. Sure there are fancier ones. I kinda liked the stainless steel one...and there is an extra fancy one with a stand. But meh. Easy enough. That $9 was my price point. (Note: I see the price is now $11. I do not know why.)

The last one I got lasted about 3 years so that $9 was money well spent.

I know it's just a little thing but making fluffy and foamy coffees at home is great and a huge money saver.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Did you break your milk frother? Quick! Order another one!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Things that are gross.....
Ew! The ducks were over joyed for this crunchy snack.

I was not happy at all to find a snail on one of my precious Mountain Gold tomatoes. These are my favorite yellow variety of tomato - they are big and bold and luscious....and very hard to find.

Earlier this summer I finally found the seeds at a commercial grower website. I thought $4.95 was a lot to pay for a pack of seeds. But I got about a billion seeds so I'll never have to buy them again.

I can't wait for the rest of my Mountain Golds to come in - hopefully without snails.

Happy Tuesday everyone - are you raking in the harvest? How's your weather? I gotta get out there - we are going to be hot all week.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's still summer!

This sunflower is about to give up.... all this talk of fall this and pumpkin that has really got him down. He's thrown himself down into this tree.

Don't worry little sunflower.... there's no need to despair.

Typically our September is the driest month and we usually have glorious sunny skies and warm temperatures.

Hang in there - dont' give up!

It's still summer. I'm not ready to give it up and neither is this sunflower.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, August 28, 2015

How to freeze small portions of tomato sauce.

If you are running towards the end of the summer finish line then you know that saving time is crucial. You want to make sure you save all of your harvest but sometimes that means doing small lots of tomatoes and not huge vats for an all day canning marathon.

Small buckets of tomatoes. Easy peasy.

One of the easiest ways to capture the best of your harvest is to do a small batch of tomato sauce in your crockpot and then freeze it into small portions. I've never thought using ice cube trays was enough to be worth it..... so now I use cupcake trays to freeze-for-keeping small-ish portions of tomato sauce.

Sure you can cook down tomatoes in a crock pot!

You can easily clean a small bucket of tomatoes while making dinner and then cook them in your pokey pot overnight. In the morning just cool the sauce, give it a whirl in your blender, then pour into cupcake trays. I give the cups a little shot of cooking spray first so the sauce pops out when they are frozen.

Freeze the trays then just turn out the frozen cups of sauce and voila!

Use a blender to smooth out the sauce. The not-red stuff is just the cooking spray.

Last year I was not convinced that this was going to work at all. But it did! And it worked really well. What if you only want to make one pizza?.... Or you just need a half a cup of tomato sauce and you don't want to open a whole jar? Just grab one of these frozen wonders and you are good to go.

This year I used standard sized cup cakes and a couple trays of the huge, mammoth muffin sized trays.

A couple tips:
* Using a blender to smooth out the sauce is super fast and it makes pouring the sauce quick and easy.
* If the frozen cups don't slide right out then you can always let them sit for a few minutes. Or if you are super-coordinated you can set the trays in warm water for a few seconds and then pop them out.
* Wrap the frozen tomato cups in waxed paper so they stay separated.

That's what I'm working on today. Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Stock losses.

* Upon hearing of the terrible stock losses, OFG runs out and counts chickens, goats, and pigz.... *

Poultry is the new currency. We are loaded. 

Every body here is present and accounted for... I dunno what stock losses they are talking about.

There is one casualty tho - as usual Nicholas is sitting around watching the stock ticker.... you know he can't handle it.

Happy Wednesday everyone! No stock losses here. Good luck, suckers!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy Pigz

Those are some happy pigz.....

Enjoy it now, porker. 

Mostly I've limited my contact with the pigz to taking the dogs down there to glare at them. They are alright. Bacon. All I see is bacon.

Altho, we did have one incident where one of the pigz kissed Kai!  But that is another story for another day. I have to get out there. We are having glorious weather.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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