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Sunday, August 2, 2015


I don't know about you but I had pie for breakfast.....

Blueberry pie, before the sun even came up. 

I made a versions of this perfect pie but used blueberries instead of strawberries. Same method, same-ish measurements. I used more blueberries to make more of the cooked filling. This was a good choice so that the fresh blueberries were entirely coated with the "gel" layer. I didn't want any fresh berries to roll around. I still had a few escapees but they didn't get far.

Happy Sunday everyone! Go and make pie!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Goose Lips

Remember the other day there was a perfect tomato and I was going to run right out and get it for lunch? Yeah. This.

Goose Lips.

Someone tried to eat it and based on the bite marks I'm going to say...... goose lips! OD!!!!

Happy Saturday everyone! Is there a goose loose in your garden? Did it bite your big tomato?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

So we got a little rain last nite....

So we got a little rain last nite - just before we were supposed to go out and do chores.

Yep. That's a zucchini in that wheelbarrow - bobbin' like a sausage......

Bean sprout!

We needed a little rain because these little Dwarf Horticulture Beans could use a good soaking. I planted these, turnips, and beets up in the furthest grow area on the hill. The hose doesn't really reach up there.

You can always count on turnips to turn up!

Not sure who much I can get done today outside. I have a ton of weeding but I need everything to dry out. The good news is that our humidity is supposed to drop from "The Fire Swamp" to "Three Levels Before Hell." So hopefully it won't be too bad.

The ladies spent the day in the shade.

Yesterday it was so bad that the little roosters kept all the fatty meats in the shade. I swear they were herding them. I'm afraid that all of the barred rock chicks we got from the TSC are roosters. But that's OK.... as we always say, 'when you start to crow, you got to go.' So we'll have rooster day here sometime soon.

It's a big tomato.

In the meantime my march thru summer food continues..... I'm going to pick this big oxheart tomato today. It might be lunch.

Happy Thursday everyone! Did you get a little rain last nite?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Garden Dogs....or what smart dogs do in the garden.

Every single day I'm glad I have smart dogs. Sometimes I see dopey or goofy dogs and I think, "Thank heavens I have smart dogs." Unfortunately that sometimes comes with a price.

 Kai thinks this is the best game ever.

Not only do I need to make sure that the dogs get their wiggles out all day by running them around... but I also have to make sure that they have plenty of mental stimulation. Bored big, smart dogs can be extremely destructive so I like to point them in the direction of adventure and let them figure things out.

Zander is blowing his coat - we are calling him Shaggy Dog.

So they usually work in the garden with me in the morning. Why? Because there are plenty of reasons for them to dig and sniff around. They usually make their own fun. Also, Kai is a stone cold Mole Killer so they actually do a lot of good.

But sometimes they dig in the wrong spot or sit on my pepper plants so we have a command just for the garden. It's "Get out of my dirt!" They all know what it means. They can sit on the grass - not in my dirt. Mostly it works out. If they dig in the wrong spot I tell them "No! Here.. come here! *points* What do you see?" And then they investigate the new spot.

This kept them busy for a good long time.

The other day while I was weeding in the upper garden I heard weird noises so I turned around to see Zander and Kai trying to get something out of a hollow fence post. I'm guessing there was a mouse inside of it and they were both on one end trying to get it. This went on for a long time. They even dug impressive holes in the dirt on their own side. Occasionally I'd hear huffing noises as they tried to sniff out their prey.

I let them go at it for a good long time. The digging was physically tiring for them and trying to figure out how to get the mouse out of the post was keeping them engaged. It was the perfect activity for them.

However, I dropped the camera and starting running and yelling "No! no no no!" When Kai started chewing on the end of the metal fence post. We do NOT need another jaw dropping vet bill for expensive dental work.

We are about ready to run right out there this morning. Today who knows? More mole hunting? Maybe they will get that rabbit? Or maybe they will just glare at the neighbors dogs. Anything could happen.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Are you exhausting your dogs? Do they work with you in the garden? Did they catch that mouse?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Corn Fritters

One of my favorite summer treats - corn fritters. They are heavenly.

Fried in lard in a cast iron pan. (Sorry #badfoodphotography)

I was thrilled when I found this recipe online several years ago. I actually used to go to that restaurant back in the day and I remembered that the corn fritters - along with the pomegranate martinis - were the best thing about it. I don't think it's there anymore.

I really love Cooking for Engineers - it's very straight to the point and his directions make sense. However, I don't think he keeps the site up anymore. One thing I don't like about some food blogs is that the writers feel the need to go on and on about a hilarious/poignant/boring story about what the recipe means to them... Look, honey, I just want the recipe and I don't need a macro photo of every ingredient.  *sigh*

Anyway, summer is back, baby and things are really heating up around here. To try and keep the house as cool as possible we've been using the grill a lot.

The latest grill cam.

I'm not sure if this is our very last ham slab...but I think it is... hum... We should do something about that.

Happy Monday everyone! What are you grilling? Do you love corn fritters? It's the one thing I could make myself sick on.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Worker Bee

Today is sunny and beautiful... not time to talk so enjoy Macro Friday.

Worker Bee.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are enjoying the weather like I am!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Taters and beans and maters

Today we are having another stunning day - blue sky, low humidity, and sun-sun-sunshine all day! I'm heading out in a second but here is what is going on in the garden....

Taters are coming up!

Remember those free potatoes I got from a nursery - they were just giving them away? Yep - check it out... they are doing terrific! They have already sprouted up a lot. I'll have plenty of time for these taters for fall harvest.

Remembers also that since I deeply mulch them with clean straw this part of the garden will be friable next spring. Taters are such hard workers.

Cutest little beans ever.

My baby beans are coming on - these should be full sized in a couple weeks. Aren't they late? Late for what? I'd rather can them later in the year so I'm happy with how these are coming along.

Ripen! Ripen! Ripen!

The tomatoes tho... they really need to get a move on. Nothing is better than a fried egg sandwich with a big ol' slab of mater. So I'm eagerly checking these everyday.

We apparently have a bunny in the upper garden. Zander and Kai took off after something and crashed into one of my rows. I was wondering what was eating the leaves off my peppers... that bunny had better find a new spot because the BearKillers are on the job. Say, that reminds me of a story... hum....

That's what is going on in the garden.

Happy Thursday everyone! How are your taters, beans, and maters coming along?

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